This blog is dedicated to creating and sharing good-for-you recipes that are also delicious (one needn't exclude the other).  I've had a life-long fascination with nutrition, world cultures and cooking, and have brought some of what I've learned along the way to this blog.  Celebrating the joy in food with a respectful nod towards the natural is at the heart of having the healthiest and happiest of lives.  I hope the information here will inspire others to get into the kitchen to cook, and to love what's on that spoonful.

My thirst for nutrition knowledge was rekindled over a decade ago when I was diagnosed (at a fairly young age) with high cholesterol.  After losing my father much too soon to heart disease, and preferring to pop some wheat berries over a few statins, I got motivated and now have a cholesterol ratio a teenager would be proud of (and lost twenty pounds in the process).  What I've put on the spoonful has really loved me back!

As much as the word 'passionate' is overused these days, I am passionate about finding that wonderful balance between flavorful and healthful.  There's a better quality of life out there, the closer we get to real food, and darn, it tastes good!  Pop over to my soapbox section for spicier thoughts on the subjects that are near and dear.  If you are curious or have questions, stick around and explore, check out some of the links here or drop me a line at lmorri2 AT gmail DOT com.  I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by...