September 24, 2011

Rice and Lentils

I don't know if I'm becoming a reluctant carnivore or if I am just an ambivalent vegetarian at heart, but as the years slip past I find myself leaning more and more towards meatless meals.  Not really for any moral or spiritual reasons, but just because I find meat sometimes, well, superfluous.  Now, not to say that I don't enjoy a lovely piece of crisp, salty bacon here and there, or a chewy rib from one of the many delightful barbecue restaurants here in K.C., but those adventures are becoming less the norm and more the exception for me.  These days, there are many wonderful complex carbohydrate options out there, and this recipe features one of my new favorites--brown jasmine rice.  Back in the day, brown rice was for the real hippies, dense and extremely chewy, and took for-ev-er to cook.  Nowadays, the brown rice options available on the store shelves should dissolve anyone's reservations.  Brown jasmine rice has all the wonderful fragrant and light qualities of regular jasmine rice, but has a lovely, nutty whole grain flavor and texture that I think is so much more interesting.  So, whether you are a card-carrying vegetarian, or a reluctant carnivore such as myself, this dish will satisfy all those taste buds, whatever their leanings...with just a little help from some slightly exotic spices to keep things interesting. 

September 17, 2011

Lemon Loaf

As I'm looking outside my windows right now, it is gray, chilly and damp, and I'm left wondering who the heck stole August, and when, I ask, are they bringing it back?!!  Well, I am already waxing nostalgic for those bright summer days (not too hot, mind you), pleasant breezes and blue skies.  Although I love all the yummy dishes that the cooler weather brings to mind, I'm just not quite ready for pumpkin bread, apple crisps, and maple scones...yet (I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow with a totally different mindset).

But for now, I just happened to have three Meyer lemons calling lovingly to me from the fridge.  So, as a final adieu to summer (and my final citrus recipe for the season), I thought I would send you all a postcard in the form of a sweet recipe to remind you of those uncomplicated, bright, sunshiny days.  

Having a wonderful time...the weather's been lovely...wish you were here...

September 5, 2011


Once upon a time there was a girl who had a heartfelt desire to share her cooking adventures with anyone who might be interested.  She had suffered a health wake-up call once in her past that had sparked a reawakening of her life-long interest in nutrition, and so began the ongoing (and thoroughly enjoyable) journey to better health, through better eating.  Now, over the years, this girl began tweaking recipes, trying to come up with healthy alternatives to 'regular' recipes, adding whole wheat flour here, taking out butter there, but she was never willing to sacrifice flavor in the name of sanctimonious deprivation because she knew there were no 'bad' foods, just bad amounts.  She read and read and read about nutrition, the Mediterranean way of eating, and whatever current nutrition information she could get her hands on.  So, after years of cranking out a few losers and even more ("thank goodness" her family says) winners in the 'healthified' recipe department, said girl decided to share what she had learned over the years, and started a blog.  

OK, enough of this third person stuff!

I feel very strongly that food needs to be, first, delicious, and then secondly healthy (or healthier), in that order.  It is all about the balance, don't you think?  If we eat things only because they are good for us, and if friends and family run the other way when you smilingly offer up a plate of something, what's the point, really?  Hence, an uncomplicated yet tasty cookie recipe to provide something simple yet special to tuck into your kids' lunches, as an afternoon snack with a cuppa', or just to share with friends, family or neighbors, for no reason at all, except to send some love their way via your hands, mixing bowl and cookie sheets.   And, this post is a way for me to share some of my thoughts on how I cook and bake in what I feel is a healthier fashion...what I like to call stealthy healthy.  You might have a different opinion or way of cooking healthy which you and your family like, which is great.  These are, however,  my thoughts on providing a balanced and joyful way of cooking (and eating) that have been tried and tested over the years.  Sweet and simple, just like this cookie.