May 29, 2011

Southwest Couscous

It's no secret I have a wicked sweet tooth which I work hard to control every day, and I love to bake in every way, shape or form.  But, since this is a blog about making healthy choices, I figured it was high time that I posted something in the savory department.  This is my version of a recipe found in a wonderful cookbook by Robin Asbell, called The New Whole Grains Cookbook.  This book is a treasure trove of recipes for those of us wanting to incorporate more whole grains into our diets, but needing a little help and inspiration.  This is my riff on her Quick Bean and Vegetable Couscous recipe.  It comes together in a flash, which is great for those hectic weeknights, and is delicious.  It was a grande hit here at the house.  What I love about this recipe is that there are infinite possible variations...Middle Eastern, Indian, Italian, just by tweaking the spices and vegetables a little bit.

May 23, 2011

Lime Cake a.k.a. Sunshine on a Plate

This recipe is dedicated to all those citrus-aholics out there, myself included, who can't get enough of anything lime, lemon, tangerine, and/or orange, especially this time of year.  I feel pretty confidant that Patricia at Technicolor Kitchen is a card carrying member as well, and it is to her that I owe my inspiration for this recipe, which has been only slightly modified (I can't help it).I love keeping a stash of citrus in the fridge so that it is always on hand to brighten up any number of dishes.  This cake recipe is a cinch to throw together and could easily be made just an hour or two before eating.  The citrus flavor choice could be easily changed to accommodate whatever citrus obsession you are feeling at the moment, be it lemon, tangerine or orange.

May 17, 2011

Black Raspberry Bread

Banish the boring breakfasts with some black raspberry bread!  (I just had a flashback to The King's Speech...strange).  Anyway, here's a recipe that makes good use of frozen fruit, to tide us over until the fresh berries make their debut at the farmer's markets (soon, I hope).  Although the berries aren't fresh, the flavors are nice and bright.  Any kind of frozen fruit should work well here, as long as it is thawed and drained well.  I think black raspberries have such a distinctive and unique flavor...not quite a raspberry and not quite a blackberry.  I love the colors--not only are they beautiful, but those deep, full colors are a sure sign they are packed with oodles of nutrition and anti-oxidants.

May 9, 2011

Cinnamon Scones That Are Tweetworthy (are you out there, Lance?)

Did anyone read the tweet by Lance Armstrong a few months back?  I have a new appreciation for the cycling machine (Lance, not the bicycle) now that I know he is just like the rest of us (well, sort of) and apparently likes to strike a balance between his 'work' and play.  He stopped at a coffee shop while training in New York and was so enamored of the cinnamon scones on offer there that he tweeted about them.  He is, after all, a scone-ologist, so the man should know a good scone when he meets one.  I'm sure it was great for their business and I'm sure they were worthy of merit.  But, it got me thinking....

May 4, 2011

Cheesecake Redux

Just in time for Mother's Day...the Dessert Formerly Known as Sinful.  This is my version of cheesecake, without all the guilt but definitely with all of the flavor.  I love cheesecake, in all of its many manifestations, but usually feel as if I've ingested an entire cheesecake after just one slice.  I am also one of those strange individuals (any compadres out there?) who enjoy the crust almost as much as the creamy topping...I have texture issues.  I'm kind of picky about the cheese mixture as well, so I'm not a fan of the super dense, super thick versions that are out there.  I prefer nearly a one-to-one ratio of cheese topping to crust.  I just think it is a better balance of flavors, not to mention better portion control.