March 24, 2013

Corn Muffins

Sometimes, simple foods are the best foods, and are very often the most-loved.  They are comforting and nostalgic, and take us back to seemingly less complicated times.  Case in point, the humble corn muffin, a mainstay of many a hearty and rustic meal.  Corn bread and muffins appear in one version or another in all of the regions across the country, north, south, east and west.  They are, however, often sadly ignored for being too simple for fancier affairs.  Perhaps it is the lowly pedigree, the corn grain, shunned as fodder for those too poor for wheat, or the fact that is used as a major component in livestock feed (something I could get on my soapbox for a while about...I mean, cows are grass-eaters for Heaven's sake...right?).  Maybe it is the grittiness and the inevitable crumbliness that occurs following buttering and munching.  For whatever reason the often overlooked corn muffin has been relegated to the role of bread wallflower, I dedicate this post to you, corn muffin, and hope you will feel the love and admiration you deserve, in all your crunchy, hearty, satisfying and unpretentious glory.

March 10, 2013

Wild Rice Stuffed Peppers

In an effort to prove that it isn't all about the sweet stuff on Luv'n Spoonfuls, I present another savory recipe, which just happens to be vegetarian and packed full of flavor.  This stuffed pepper leans towards Spanish with a hint of Aleppo pepper (not Spanish, I know), Manchego cheese, and a sprinkling of Marcona almonds.  The wild rice mixture provides fabulous texture and chew, while providing a healthy dose of fiber.  If you're still struggling, like some of us, with a few left over pounds from the holidays (I'm almost there), this is a delicious and satisfying way to get that healthy eating plan back on track, all the while kickin' it with a fiesta for the mouth!

March 2, 2013

Turkey Chili

When there's two feet of snow on the ground (holy cow it's almost March for Heaven's sake!), nothing warms the soul quite like a heaping bowl of smokin' chili.  And, in keeping with the Luv'n Spoonfuls way, this chili also warms the heart by being chock full of healthy ingredients.  I've used ground turkey breast instead of beef, which reduces the amount of 'bad' fat considerably, but nothing is lost in the flavor department.  This chili can hold its own next to any beef-based version; I've employed a little 'trick' to steer things more toward 'moo' than 'gobble' (see below).  This is a spicy recipe, not for sissies, and packs a punch, but could easily be toned down a bit to suit anyone's heat tolerance.